Flight Soul to Soul

Alaska's music scene lost one of it's giants last week when Marvell Johnson was found shot in his home. He hosted Flight Soul to Soul on KSKA for more than 35 years. The homie Marc Lester put together this touching video of a tribute broadcast, the final flight of Flight STS.

My gig schedule made it tough to consistently catch the show, but it was always a treat when I did. I think this ADN story really captured the essence of what was so special about what Marvell did. Great writing by Michelle Theriault Boots and Marc was in the mix on this one too, making the photos.

I tuned on my way home and listened to the end of the tribute show while I sat in my garage in the dark. Reggie Ward closed with this:

KGOT Mix #25

Felt good to crank another one of these out again. Radio cuts remixed with more oomph, played in prime drive time on 101.3 KGOT. Always handsome, Hank was nice enough to model for the art on this one.

Tracklisting after the jump!

Dime Piece Mix #8: End of Summer

By now, you're familiar with my Dime Piece mixes, right? Here's the deal: I decided to start a series of 10-song recordings. The limited tracklisting keeps me from over-thinking things and I’ve been able to come up with some really fun mixes. Since they’re all 10 tracks long, I decided to call them “Dime Pieces.”

The Eighth entry in my “Dime Piece” series, is a tip of the hat to the End Of Summer Camp I'm DJed last weekend. I picked 10 housey cuts I'm feeling right now and my aim was a mix that would work equally well as a soundtrack for the drive down to Homer, during a hike or run in the wilderness and - of course - something to get loose to after a long day.

Tracklisting after the jump.

TV story with me DJing for Verizon

Rick Ross sells dope straight off his iPhone, I just DJ the release parties. The homies at Verizon rolled out the red carpet for their Alaska openings (their last market in America) and I got spin jams for all the folks waiting to get the hook up (shout out to Master P). KTUU came through and put together this piece featuring yours truly. Sounds like I'm playing this in the clip.

#TBT 90s Mix

Put together a lil something something to give y'all a taste of how it goes down Thursdays at the Pio.


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