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Dime Piece Mix #10: R&B Remixes Volume 2

It's been about a year since I made a 10-track, "Dime Piece" mix dedicated to R&B remixes so I got in the lab and recorded another. Janet and Brandy were on the first one and make appearances again here along with Usher and John Legend. This mix actually "goes to 11" with a bonus track. It's a remix of "Happy" that makes one of the year's most overplayed songs listenable again by pairing it with a Keith Sweat slow jam. More on the "Dime Piece" series including links to the entire series after the jump. Enjoy!

KGOT Mix #27

Radio jams and a throwback cut that's worked its way into my recent club sets. Recorded live for 101.3 KGOT. Tracklisting after the jump.

KGOT Mix #26

Your favorite radio jams and a throwback cut that've worked their way into my recent club sets. Recorded live for 101.3 KGOT. Tracklisting after the jump.

Radio interview: Christmas music

The homie Dave Waldron over at Alaska Public Media interviewed me for another Town Square 49 radio piece about music (We've also talked about Halloween and baby jams). This time it was Christmas music.

Sure, I forgot to mention Dre when talking about Death Row and somehow always get caught singing, but it's still worth a listen. Bonus: I put together a 10-track mix of some of my favorites. You can stream it in the player below and read a full track listing and notes right here.

Dime Piece 9: Christmas Time

For the ninth entry in my “Dime Piece”* series, I picked 10 of my favorite non-traditional Christmas jams. Two versions of "Santa Claus Goes to the Ghetto," some Miami bass and a track from a fellow Alaskan. Click through to the full post for a track listing and analysis.

This mix was inspired in part by a radio segment I was a part of. You can listen to that right here.


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